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Appraisal  Resources  is

...a full service residential, commercial and industrial real estate appraisal company that services most of the counties in New York (see map). Created in 1977, Appraisal Resources is one of the oldest, most reliable appraisal companies in the area.

Our combined 175+ years of appraisal experience, coupled with our state of the art electronic ordering, processing and delivery system, makes us the company to call for your real property questions.

About  the  Owners

Bruce M. Piraino started appraising in early 2004 an as an assistant with the company.  He trained for a number of years and went on to work for a well known Buffalo company in late 2005.  He came back in 2007 to become partners with Bill and acquire the company.  Bruce is the Chief Executive officer and one of the most reliable hard working appraisers in the business.

Bill McEvoy started in appraising in the late 80's as a research assistant to his father.  He later joined Appraisal Resources and trained to become a licensed and then a certified appraiser.  He is accepted as an expert witness in NY State Supreme Court and is an expert in many types of appraisal assignments.

Tax  Grievance

When's the best time to complain about your taxes? Any time. For a free evalaution, call us today and speak with our Tax Grivance Specialist, Bruce Piraino. For more info click here.