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Tax Grievance

So you've received your tax bill and it's higher than last year. Each year it goes up, and up, and up. Is it fair? Maybe not, but how do you know? Consult a professional, look into it yourself? By calling Appraisal Resources we can complete a free review of your property records and local sales data and let you know if there is a case to pursue. We can then appraise your home and bring your case to the local Assessor. Often times we can get your assessment reduced without going to grievance or even further to small claims.

We specialize in assessment cases, we've been working with local assessors since the company began. We've established a rapport and we can get the job done. Our company takes a different approach from the competition. Most will charge you for an appraisal and then a percentage of your tax savings; we don't, we work on a flat fee basis and you'll be surprised, when you call around, just how much less we charge.

But can't you just handle it yourself? Sure but then you'll have to research sales data, fill out the forms, and go to grievance day and present your case. It's a lot of work. Work that we do year in and year out. We've got it down to a science, relax and let our expertise work for you.

Call us today and ask to speak with our Tax Grievance Specialist, Bruce Piraino (518) 374-4142.